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We are finding increasingly that customers are making enquiries about in-ceiling speakers and the desire for high quality sound in their homes, but without the size and clutter of a conventional bookshelf or floorstanding loudspeaker, especially in rooms such as kitchens, dining rooms, bathrooms etc.

For some people, the mere sight of a loudspeaker (how large or small) will turn them off the idea of a good sound system, this is where architectural speakers come into their own! Good sound without the clutter and an almost invisible speaker!!!

We see lots of customers who come to visit us when they are planning a new kitchen, extension or suchlike with a view to having some in-ceiling speakers fitted, with such a vast and often confusing range of products available, we frequently get asked about the differences between models x and y and why one model is more (or less) expensive than another. Certain models are better suited to specific applications than others, some speakers offer tweeters that can pivot (which offer increased flexibility over placement in the ceiling), there are lots of factors to consider, such as humidity levels in wet rooms and sauna etc.

As you go up a manufacturers product range you'll find the quality goes up as you move up the range, better quality drive units, increased power handling (so they can go louder!), flexibility such as angled tweeters all offer extra performance over the "basic" models

To this end, we decided to install a decent range of in-ceiling speakers into the shop, so we can show people the differences between a selection of models availalbe and what you get in terms of sonic performance as you go up the range.

We've installed 9 pairs of speakers from Bowers & Wilkins and Monitor Audio (plus 2 single point stereo speakers to use in smaller spaces) ranging from just over £200 a pair up to £850.00 a pair. The single point stereo speakers are very effective. It is basically a single in ceiling speaker, but one with 2 tweeters fitted and connections for left and right cables. So if you want to put a speaker in a small space, or you simply don't want 2 speakers in your ceiling these are ideal.

If you are in the market for some in-ceiling speakers for a Dolby Atmos system or to get music in a kitchen or bedroom or you are refurbishing your entire home why not call in for a look and listen! They are all connected up and available to listen to at the touch of a button!

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