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Come and discover music with Cyrus

The Cyrus mission

Recognised by thirty years of awards and accolades, Cyrus consistently pushes the boundaries of audio technology. They are tirelessly working towards the ultimate hi-fi system – which reproduces the sound and feeling of a live performance without any interference or loss of detail.

Made in the UK

Cyrus understand that theirdecision to design, manufacture and support our products in the UK can seem quite unusual today. The reason they do this is because they have very high quality standards that we find challenging to match overseas. Although manufacturing audio in the UK is very unusual in electronics these days, our customers, who call for higher quality products, appreciate the superior standards.

Design for the absolute best audio quality, manufacture intelligently

Of course, to have earned such critical acclaim, Cyrus are accomplished engineers, and able to innovate in a fast moving technical world like electronic design. But their skills deliver much more than technically accomplished specifications. The Cyrus team wants to use their experience to transmit the passion and emotion held within all recordings, into customers’ homes, and this requires a combined range of talents that very few audio companies enjoy.

Flexible, Upgradeable Range

With an extensive range of product which is flexible and upgradeable your Cyrus system will grow with you over time as you want to improve the musical performance it delivers.

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