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The Chord Company

The Chord Company has been designing and producing cables for hi-fi and home cinema systems since 1985, in our facility set deep in the heart of Wiltshire, UK.  They know just how important cables are and how the correct interconnect, HDMI and speaker cable can transform the experience and pleasure of listening to or watching your favourite piece of music or film.

Cables are not and never have been an accessory.  They are a vital part of your system, and choosing the right cable is more important now than it ever has been.

The typical domestic home has become a hostile place for a signal as complex as a piece of music to travel from one component to another.  Chord cables are designed to minimise the effects of this electrical interference.  You might not know it’s there, but you’ll definitely know when it isn’t!

Over twenty-seven years of research, experimentation and close cooperation with some of the best equipment manufacturers means that right now, the cables and interconnects that The Chord Company produces are some of the very best available.  Cutting edge design and obsessive attention to build quality makes for cables that will reveal the true performance of any hi-fi or home cinema system.

Whatever your system and whatever your passion, be it music, film or games, Chord cables can take your experience to a new level.  Find the perfect connection for your system here.

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Chord HDMI Active Resolution Cable (5 M)

Chord HDMI Active Resolution Cable (5 M)

Regular Price: £275.00

Special Price £225.00

Chord Power Chord Mains Cable (1.5m)

Chord Power Chord Mains Cable (1.5m)

Regular Price: £225.00

Special Price £175.00

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Items 1 to 40 of 42 total
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