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Rega Planar Turntables

Here's our breakdown of the Rega Planar 1, 2 and 3 turntables - without a doubt these are our most 3 popular decks and for good reason, they all sound great at their respective price points!

All 3 models are available in a choice of gloss black or gloss white finishes.

Planar 1

 Rega Planar 1

Priced at £248.99 the new Planar 1 is Rega's entry level turntable and is also the most user friendly turntable they've ever made.

Taking it out of the box to playing your first record literally takes a couple of minutes, all you need to do is slide the counterweight onto the back of the tonearm and slide it up as far as it goes, remove the stylus guard and drop the arm onto your favourite record and away you go!

It's a great entry level deck with a a solid authoriative sound. The only thing the Planar 1 shares in common with the outgoing RP1 is the drive belt, sub-platter and dust cover so this really is a new deck.

The RB110 tonearm is a brand new design, fitted with Rega's bespoke zero play bearing, it also has a new 24, low noise motor to help reduce vibration noise.

Fitted with a Rega Carbon by default you also have the option on the Planar 1 to upgrade to the Performance Pack, priced at £85.00 this is a great value upgrade and features a Rega Bias 2 cartridge (£79.00 on its own), a White Drive Belt (£21.00 on its own) and a thicker wool mat (£20.00). This can be added at the point of purchase or it can added at any time


Planar 2

Rega Planar 2

Priced at £375.00 the Planar 2 is a brand new deck from the ground up, it's a new addition to the range.

First impressions would suggestion this isn't much different to Planar 1, but when you look in a bit more detail there's quite a bit more to the Planar 2 than meets the eye.

The tonearm is different, the RB220 is a one piece design, capable of working with a wider range of cartridges than the Rega Carbon (which comes supplied), you've much more scope with regard to upgrade options.

The hub bearing is of better quality - resulting in less stress on the bearing and less transfer of potential energy.

You get a 10mm glass patter (Platter is phenolic on the Planar 1)

Like the Planar 1 the Performance Pack upgrade kit is available for the Planar 2

Rega Carbon

Planar 3

 Rega Planar 3

The outgoing RP3 was incredibly popular, it won a truck load of awards and was never going to be easy to replace, but Rega have done. It has taken Roy Gandy 2 years to develop the new Planar 3, it's a major redesign.

Sonically and aethestically it's a big step up over the RP3, never mind the Planar 1 or 2.

The Planar 3 features the new RB330 tonearm, with a new bearing house, better stability with almost friction free movement will ensure this can help extract the maximum amount of information from your records than ever before

Thicker bracing both above and below plinth help to minimise energy transferance, the new glass platter is 12mm thick, new feet help to reduce vibration transfer.

The Planar 3 comes in 2 forms, either without a cartridge for £549.00 or fitted with a Rega Elys 2 cartridge for £625.00 (the Elys 2 is £119.00 on its own so this is a good deal!), if an alternative cartirdge is preferred it's not a problem we'll happy fit a Goldring, Ortofon etc. Take a look at our range of Moving Magnet and Moving Coil cartridges.

Rega also make an external power supply, the TT-PSU which is £198.00, this is a fantastic upgrade on the Planar 3, is add electronic speed change (instead of manually moving the belt on the pulley), but more importantly it offers a quite significant upgrade in sound quality, a lot of people question this, but once they've heard it.

The White drive belt at £21.00 is also a bit of a no-brainer upgrade in our opinion, a lot of people seem to to think this is the same belt as the black one, it's actually made from a different material and offers greater stability over the black belt, we quite frequently get great feedback from customers after they've bought this belt.


Which turntable should I buy?

Good question! It all hinges on several factors, budget, the rest of your system, how much use it will get etc.

The Planar 1 is the most popular seller, followed the the Planar 3 (with Elys2)

If you have a basic system and want a deck for occasional use the Planar 1 makes the most sense, you've got scope to make it better the Performance Pack with do just that.

The Planar 3 is clearly the best sounding option, if you've a good system and you want to add a turntable to be a serious source component the Planar 3 is a great choice, with a suitable cartridge it will dig a lot more detail out of the record than either the Planar 1 or 2 and is a whole lot more enjoyable to listen to as a result!

With the option to fit a better cartridge, add a TT-PSU it be be easily upgraded as well!