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The all new Rega Brio 2017 arrived just before Christmas, it's a fresh design from the ground up, both inside and out.

First impressions are good, build quality is excellent and the styling, whilst subjective, makes the Brio-R look a bit dated.

Technically the Brio has changed quite a lot (it's not just a cosmetic change) there is a second power supply and all new circuitry

You may well spy a headphone socket on the front panel which is a brilliant feature to add, it's not just a token socket as well, Rega appear to have put a bit of thought it how it sounds which is good.

You get a good quality Moving Magnet phono stage (would you expect any less from Southend's finest!?) and 4 line level inputs for connecting other source components (CD Player, DAC, Streamer etc).

A tape output and speaker terminals completes the connectivity.

Sonically this thing is great, it really does offer excellent value for money and we would confidently put it up against amplifiers from other brands costing more money. It sounds punchy and very detailing without sounding aggressive or forward in any way. Paired with a pair of B&W 685 S2 or CM1 it works incredibly well.

50 watts per side means it will drive a proper pair of speakers to a decent level as well and still offering control and decent dynamics when playing at quieter volume levels.

On demonstration now, come and have a listen, we're pretty confident you'll be pleased with the ability of Rega's new entry level amplifier.