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Arcam airDAC

Originally £400.00 we have bought a small quantity of these from Arcam which are manufacturer refurbished to sell for £199.95.

The Arcam airDAC is a wonderful little box of tricks, with a couple of additonal little features hidden up its sleeve which make it really useful/flexible.

First off, it's a conventional DAC with a single optical and coaxial digital input and a pair of analogue RCA outputs. But it also sports a Wi-Fi antenna and an Ethernet socket. Give it a network connection (wired wherever possible for greatest stability) and all of a sudden you have a UPnP streamer ready to go. If you have music stored on a NAS drive or on a shared folder on a PC or Mac and you have something like Twonky, Minim or Asset running as server software, any third party UPnP controller app will work perfectly - Arcam's own Music Life app works really well on iOS devices and if you are a fan of Android/Google there is a brilliant app available called Bubble UPnP, which is possibly the best UPnP controller you can get (Android only)

Whichever app you choose, it will basically present you with you music rendered through the airDAC.

Also the airDAC also features Apple Airplay so it can stream from any iTunes library on the same network. There is an Apple App available called Remote which turns your iPhone or iPad into a remote control which is pretty good.

The hidden up it's sleeve function is as follows - lets say you already have a high performance DAC that you don't want to change, but the idea of the Airplay or UPnP appeals......well, the airDAC has a digital out, so you connect this to your current DAC and it simply passes through the Airplay or UPnP info to it!

Performance for £229.95 is embarrassingly good, it offered good value for money when they were £400.00 so for almost half price it's a bit of no brainer.

Supplied with a 2 year warranty and free UK P&P this is a shockingly good little product for the money - click here to buy now

Arcam airDAC rear panel