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Project VC-S Record Cleaner

SKU: 14400

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Keep your precious record collection clean!

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For a limited time we are giving away free with the VC-S 2 packs of the Tonar Plastipap record sleeves (50 sleeves in total) which is worth £38.00!

Dust and dirt are common problems with vinyl playback as the stylus tries to navigate through the grooves coming across debris causing undesired noise and potential groove and stylus damage.

The VC-S by Pro-Ject is the most effective and efficient way of keeping your records clean without breaking the bank. Designed to penetrate deep dirt within your records, the VC-S uses a double strategy of cleaning fluid to loosen the dirt along with a dual brush and vacuum combo to remove the dirt and dry the record simultaneously.

The included record clamp keeps the record label dry while holding the record in place during the cleaning process and easily screws on and off for quick record change over.

The VC-S Package includes the VC-S System, Record Clamp, Goat-Hair Brush and Wash-IT fluid.

Key Features:

  • Superfast & effective record cleaner
  • Dries your records as it cleans
  • Completely clean and dry record in 1 or 2 rotations 
  • Cleaning fluid includes anti-static remedy 
  • Included waterproof clamp to protect record label
  • Optional lid available


Q: How can I adjust the height of the record clamp?
A: VC-S comes perfectly pre-adjusted. In the case the vacuum suction arm is not totally parallel and therefore not able to capture all the cleaning fluid from the disk. In this case it can be useful to adapt the height of the clamp. You will need a Phillips screwdriver (to unscrew the clamp) and a 2.5mm hexagon key (to loosen the motor spindle):

  1. Disassemble the clamp by screwing out the Phillips screw from the motor flange
  2. Insert the 2.5mm hexagon key into the hole on the side of motor flange
  3. Loosen the hexagon screw, until the flange can be moved up or down as intended
  4. When the correct height position is found, tighten the hexagon screw and mount the clamp!

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Brand Project
Colour Black

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