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Amplifiers » Pre-amplifiers » VTL TL6.5 Signature Line Preamplifier (Black)

VTL TL6.5 Signature Line Preamplifier (Black)

Price: £12750.00

VTL TL6.5 Signature Preamplifier

With the new TL6.5 Signature Preamplifier, true top-tier sound has just become a lot more affordable. All of the advanced technology inside the TL6.5 descends from the double-chassis TL7.5, VTL's renowned Reference Preamplifier that many critics view as unsurpassed in sonic realism. By scaling the technology down to a single-chassis unit, VTL engineers have found a way to achieve the astonishing sound quality and functionality of the TL7.5 in a compact package costing significantly less.

Despite the more accessible size and price, VTLs engineers sacrificed little of the essential technologies that have made the TL7.5 such a phenomenon. Hybrid tube/MOSFET technology, fully balanced circuit design, fully regulated and shielded power supplies and the highest quality parts combine for a sonic result that is nothing less than glorious. Exceedingly neutral and transparent sound is the hallmark of this design. Additionally, remote operation of all functions and true RS-232 bi-directionality allows the TL6.5 to integrate seamlessly into any modern music and home theater system.

For music lovers who insist upon the sophisticated technology of a flagship product, but want it in a smaller, more affordable package, the TL6.5 is the perfect choice. Its neutral, smooth, natural sound, extraordinary dynamic expression, and luxurious finish make this the ideal centerpiece for your system for many years to come. In applying the latest technology to the design of the TL7.5 Reference Preamplifier, we are proud to present this product to our most discerning customers who will appreciate the following differentiating features:


  • Tube complement: 2 - 12AU7 tubes
  • Fully differential circuit with balanced in and out with mirror-image layout
  • Low noise processor control design for all functions
  • Simple circuit topology with low negative feedback for musical purity
  • Logical sequenced soft-start power up for extended tube life
  • Ultra low impedance output stage to drive any length of cable and any power amplifier
  • Bi-directional RS-232 interface
  • Modular volume control and output stages
  • All Infini and Multicaps in signal path
  • 95-step 70dB discrete relay attenuator for all attenuation functions
  • Processor loop - any of 8 inputs can be assigned as fixed unity gain pass through
  • Tape monitor function for both tape loops
  • 4 separately programmable trigger outputs
  • Programmable input offsets
  • Rigid Combination steel and non-magnetic chassis and machined aluminum remote wand


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