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Isolation Products » Black Ravioli Standard Pad

Black Ravioli Standard Pad

Price:  £24.00
Special offer price:  £19.20
(20% Off) (Saving £4.80)

The original pad

The original Black Ravioli Pad is the start point in the range. Totally flexible in the way they can be used and never redundant.

These were our biggest selling product in the range.

Bad vibrations eliminated

Vibration constitutes the basis of all great performances, but bad vibrations from system components lead to the introduction of unwelcome noise and colouration which negatively affects reproduction.

The Black Ravioli pad utilises state of the art, precision engineered technology which works in a unique and revolutionary way to eliminate these bad vibrations. The versatility of the Black Ravioli Pad means that it will work with all types of audio and visual systems, allowing them to perform to the best of their ability- leaving you with nothing but good vibrations.

Most peoples initial reaction when presented with a handful of pads is one of scepticism, how can a little pad make such an an improvement to the sound of the system? All we would say is take a listen, you can't beat the reaction on a customers face when you demonstrate it to them and they can hear what it does the performance......we offer (to in-store customers) a home demo service and the vast majority of people who borrow it buy it......and end up buying more.

All pads are priced individually