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+ Audiolab 8200CD CD Player (Silver) Non-OLED
Price: £469.00
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One Day Special Offer

On Saturday the 16th of August we are running a one off promotion for the day.

Buy any speaker cable, interconnect cable or power cables and receive 20% discount on the price!

If you were thinking of upgrading your cables there will never be a better time!




Brilliant Rega Special Offers!

We have a small quantiy of Rega product available at some really special prices.

Everything is brand new, silver only and comes with a 24 month warranty

Brio-R was £548.00, now just £429.00!

Apollo-R was £548, now just £409.00!

DAC was £548.00, now just £379.00!

EAR Headphone Amp was £198.00, now just £157.00!

Rega TT-PSU was £198.00, now just £157.00!

Rega Fono MM was £198.00, now just £157.00!

Stock is genuinely limited.

All prices include UK P&P



PMC Twenty 26

Well, after a very successful open day a couple of weeks ago (big thanks to everyone who made the effort to come and especially to Craig from PMC!) we've been playing the Twenty 26's a lot.

Suffice to say, they're a bit special. They are £5750.00 a pair and they are currently performing way past this price point in our opinion.

The scale of sound and effortless presentation really is superb.

They are on pretty much permanently, call in with some music and have a listen.

A brilliant speaker, a serious contender if you're after a new pair of speakers for this sort of money.



Audiolab 8200CD Special Offer!

We have acquired from Audiolab a small quantity of the highly acclaimed 8200CD Player

The 8200CD is a conventional CD player offering digital inputs including USB (type B)

Reduced from £799.00 to just £469.00

They are the original version of the 8200CDin that they feature the non-OLED display

The 8200CD is available in silver only

Stock is limited.



To celebrate the launch of the PMC Twenty 26 we're having an open day!

Saturday the 5th of April, from 10am to 5pm.

PMC staff we be on hand throughout the day to answer any questions.

We will also be offering 10% discount on any PMC* or Bryston orders placed on the day.

The 26's will be taking pride of place in our main demonstration room and we'll have the other Twenty Series Speakers on rotation downstairs throughout the day.

Refreshments will be on hand and there will also be a prize draw for various PMC merchandise (including the now famous mugs!)

Why not come along, bring some music and enjoy the noises we'll be making on the day!

PMC Open Day


Marantz joins the club too!

Like Tannoy, we used to sell Marantz as well, but haven't done for quite some time.

Well guess what? It is making a reappearance as well!

Bombproof build quality and excellent styling coupled with great sound, the current range is really rather impressive!



We are now selling Tannoy Loudspeakers!

We used to sell Tannoy back in the dark ages, but haven't done for quite some time. After the opportunity arose to hear a selection from their current range we were rather impressed. Impressed enough to decide to add them to our portfolio of products.

The Revolution DC6T-SE Floorstander at £999.00 is a fabulous speaker for the money, as the refined Precision 6.2 at £1899.00

We don't have the entire range on demo, but if someone would like to listen to something that we don't carry in-store, ask the question and it should be possible to arrange something.

Click here to see what Tannoy we have on demo


Musical Fidelity MF100 Headphones

Musical Fidelity have launched a new pair of the headphones, the MF100.

Priced at a very competitive £119.00 these sound great, better than their price tag suggests in our opinion. Comfortable to wear for long periods, brilliant value for money.

An ideal stocking filler!

Musical Fidelity MF100


Sonos Play 1 - In Stock Now

The new Sonos Play 1 Zoneplayer is now in stock. The Play is the most compact all in one Zoneplayer to date. £169.00, a pair of them sound great, add a subwoofer and it really elevates the performance.

These are proving to be very popular.

Sonos Play 1 it fits anywhere!


3 New Integrated Amplifiers from Naim

NAIT 5si is the new entry level amplifier from Naim, It features an improved power supply, delivers 60 Watts per channel and features a new 1/4" headphone output. Improved components throughout and a revised electronic design result in significantly enhanced performance.

Despite its entry-level status the NAIT 5si packs a heavyweight punch when it comes to sound quality.

NAIT XS 2 features a 70 Watts per channel (into 8ohms) power amplifier. Like the NAIT 5si it features upgraded components throughout, a revised electronic design and a new 1/4" front panel headphone output. It has a full Naim preamplifier section which doubles as a Class-A headphone amplifier.

SUPERNAIT 2 also features an improved power supply, revised electronic design, upgraded components and a new 1/4" front panel headphone output. At 80W per channel it remains powerful enough to drive even the most demanding loudspeakers. Its full Naim preamplifier section doubles as a Class-A headphone amplifier and is further improved with the introduction of Naim DR (Discrete Regulator) technology.

The DAC that was onboard with the original Supernait has been removed in the Supernait 2

We have had the opportunity to have a good listen to all 3 of these new amplifiers now and are pleased to report that all 3 are an improvement over the models they have replaced.


Rega Aria Phono Stage Now on Demo

The new Rega Aria phono stage is now with us.

The Aria is a switchable MM/MC design with adjustable loading on the MC input.

MC and MM have their own dedicated inputs so each circuit can be optimised for the best performance with no compromise.

The price.....£798.00

Rega Aria MM/MC Phono Stage



Musical Fidelity B Grade Offer

New Price!

We have a acquired a very small number of Musical Fidelity M1 Clic Streamers and M1 Power Amplifiers which are classed as "B" Grade.

The RRP of the Clic is £1399.00 and the newly adjusted RRP of the Power Amp is £499.00 so the combo should be £1898.00.

Whilst stocks last buy this combination for only £999.00!!

Save a massive £899.00 on the list price. They have been repackaged in fresh boxes and come with a 2 year parts and labour guarantee.

The Clic works as a Streamer/DAC/Pre-Amp, for a detailed overview on what it is capable off please click here.

At the normal price of £1898.00 this is a great sounding, versatile system so for £1999.00 it's a proper bargain

We only have a limited number of these in stock.

Click here to buy now in black

Click here to buy now in silver


Naim DAC-V1 and NAP100 are on demonstration now!!!

They've arrived!

The DAC-V1 and the NAP100 are the two latest additions to the Naim range. Priced at £1250.00 and £650.00 respectively they really are 2 cracking pieces of kit.

The DAC-V1 has been designed for the customer who uses his/her computer as their primary source of music. Playback your computer audio files in stunning Naim sound quality using the Asynchronous USB input.

The DAC-V1 is also a remote controlled digital pre-amplifier with 5 digital inputs, a volume control and a high quality headphone amplifier.

The matching NAP100 power amplifier will deliver 50 watts per channel (real watts!) into 8 ohms which is more than enough for most people unless you have a room the size of the Royal Albert Hall!

Add a UnitiServe as a CD Ripper/Server and you have a brilliant sounding and incredibly versatile system which takes up virtually no space but will deliver serious music and give many hours of listening pleasure.



Black Ravioli - Special Offer

The original pad from Black Ravioli is now on special offer!

Original RRP was £25.00 per pad.

Now reduced to £20.00 per pad

Most people are incredibly sceptical about what these pads do, then they hear them.....

Free UK P&P too


Rega RP8 Skeletal Turntable...

The new RP8 turntable from Rega is now with us

The RP8 is a magnificent looking thing, you can run it with or without the outer plinth depending on your aesthetic preferences, we think it looks great either way.

Priced on its own at £1598.00 or £2198.00 with a Rega Apheta MC cartridge (priced at £920.00 on its own so there is over £300.00 to be saving buying as a combo), it really is a stunning piece of kit. It includes a TT-PSU as well.

It plays music, beautifully - no more, no less.
Serious scale and weight, but there is plenty of delicacy and texture too........addictive is the word!

On the shelf in-store now


Arcam rBLINK Bluetooth DAC Now in Stock          

The Arcam rBLINK is now in stock.

Stream music from your Bluetooth enabled phone or tablet to your hi-fi in stunning quality. It's really simple to use and works incredibly well.

Only £160.00 with Free UK P&P



Arcam SonLink DAC - upgrade your Sonos Connect!

If you have a Sonos Connect (or a ZP80 or ZP90) and you have it connected to your amplifier via the analogue outputs of your Sonos the new SonLink DAC from Arcam could prove to be a brilliant little upgrade.

It takes the digital output of the Sonos (bypassing the Sonos' internal DAC) and by doing substantially improves the performance on offer.

Priced at £184.90 and almost invisible (it sits directly under the Sonos). A neat solution that packs a real punch!

Arcam SonLink DAC


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+ Audiolab 8200CD CD Player (Silver) Non-OLED
Price: £469.00
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